Our Team, Our Vision

Our Vision: Change Begins Here

The vision of this project goes beyond just retrofitting the Empire State Building. We all know that our energy model needs to change; we need to find alternative sources of energy, so we can stop depleting fossil fuels and stop engaging in conflicts over them.

Did you know that energy efficiency is three to five times less expensive per watt than alternative energy sources... that energy efficiency is, in fact, the cheapest source of alternative energy out there? Buildings consume over 50% of the world's energy. Making them more efficient will have a greater impact than any alternative energy source. Investing in energy savings not only creates jobs, but saves money over time, allowing for greater competitiveness, productivity, and ultimately profits.

The vision of the project team of Clinton Climate Initiative, Johnson Controls, Jones Lang LaSalle, and the Rocky Mountain Institute was to set an example the world could follow – to create a case study that proves energy efficiency retrofits, when done right, can and will save money. As Empire State Building Company principal Anthony Malkin said: "If we only succeed at the Empire State Building, we have failed."

By looking at the whole building, we were able to multiply the savings we might have achieved through incremental change. This project is proving that sustainability does not have to be a compromise: we are reducing our energy costs by a guaranteed 38.4%, and that means we will repay our investment in just 3 years. Our process is already being used in several large buildings to achieve the same outstanding results.

The Building

The Empire State Building is leading the movement towards energy efficient buildings. We are proving that sustainability retrofits are smart investments and creating a template for others to follow in our footsteps.

This project will reduce the Empire State Building's carbon footprint by 105,000 metric tons over the next 15 years, equivalent to taking 20,000 cars off the road.

The City

Over 90% of the buildings in New York City will still be here in 25 years. Fossil fuels are getting scarcer, and our population continues to swell. We need to radically change the way we consume energy.

80% of all energy consumed in New York City is consumed by buildings. 20% of those buildings consume 80% of that energy. If only the top 20% of buildings in New York City became 38.4% more energy efficient, we would reduce our total energy consumption in New York City by close to 25%!

The World

The environment is not a place we visit; it's where we live and work. This is about reducing the impact of economic growth, and creating the opportunity for growth with reduced impact around the world.

8,000,000,000 acres of trees: If every country in the world became 10% more energy efficient, we would cut our CO2 emissions by 3 billion metric tons – more carbon than a forest 3 times the size of the United States could filter in a year.

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