Step 3: Multiplying the Power of Change


We've reduced energy demand by making the building's exterior more efficient (Step 1). We've improved building systems, ensuring they're smarter about how they use and distribute energy (Step 2). The final step in making the Empire State Building a beacon of energy efficiency is to involve the people inside – over 20,000 people work here every day and over 3.5 million people visit every year. Transforming the way we consume energy doesn't just mean other buildings need to follow this model; we need individuals around the world to recognize that they can have efficiency without compromise, and that they can contribute to this broader sustainability effort.

Skanska, our tenant on the 32nd floor, will realize over $20,000 in energy savings annually in their new, energy efficient office space. Many of these ideas can be applied to even small homes or apartments, saving you money and improving your quality of life. We need you to spread the word and help multiply the change.

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